The Ceramics Artists Association of Israel (CAAI) is a non-profit organization managed by ceramics artists and dedicated to the advancement of the ceramic art.

The CAAI has about 450 active members as well as a circle of friends, collectors and curators with all of whom a continuous professional relationship is maintained.

The CAAI publishes a monthly newsletter through which the members receive information on ceramics related events in Israel and elsewhere.

Other CAAI activities include:

  • Exhibitions in Israel and abroad.
  • Professional workshops.
  • Lectures.
  • Professional symposia.
  • Hosting of guest artists from abroad.
  • Maintaining professional relationships with collegues abroad.
  • We consider the the advancement of the ceramic art consists of two main aspects:

    • First the creation of artistic activity for the public (both professional and non-professional), in order to present the specific qualities and the complexities of the media (exhibitions, symposia, public discussions etc.).
    • And second, the education of the ceramics artists (professional workshops, symposia, lectures and demonstrations by Israeli artists and by guest artists from abroad. All our activities are performed as professionally as possible, in order to achieve a relevant dialog with plastic art, trends in contemporary design and the public interested in ceramics, art and design in Israel and abroad.